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Corporate Behavior

Charter of Corporate Behavior

In recognition of our position as a good corporate citizen committed to contributing to the sustained growth of society and to engaging in free and fair business activities globally with a strong sense of ethical values, Nissin Corporation and its subsidiaries have established a set of principles to guide its corporate behavior.

1. We aim to become a company that earns the trust of our customers and satisfies their needs.

  • Based on our the corporate philosophy of “improving each day”, we will identify global trends and provide valuable services to society.
  • Through our global logistics operations, we will help to achieve an improved quality of life and contribute to sustainable economic growth.
  • We will strictly protect and secure control of both personal and customer information.

2. We will execute fair and responsible corporate activities.

  • We will comply with international rules and local laws and conduct appropriate transactions.
  • We will maintain sound and normal relationships with governments and administrative authorities.
  • We will resolutely oppose anti-social forces and groups that threaten the order or safety of civil society as a whole.

3. We will Carry out information disclosure in a fair and active manner.

  • We aim to become a trusted company through timely and appropriate disclosure of information.
  • We will work to deepen mutual understanding through dialogue with customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders.

4. We will respect human rights in the conduct of our business.

  • We respect the human rights of all people and will work to eliminate all forms of illegal labor.
  • We will create an environment that respects different values and that makes the most of diverse human resources.
  • We aim to become a company that enables each employee to grow, to work cheerfully, and to find meaning in their job.

5. We will work to promote a healthy global environment.

  • We will develop and environmentally friendly logistics business and strive to ensure harmony with the global environment.

6. We will fulfill our responsibility as good corporate citizens.

  • We aim to achieve a good balance between our business activities and social contribution activities and to help build a prosperous society.
  • We respect the cultures and customs of each country and contribute to the development of local communities and to solve social issues.

7. We will prepare for diversifying risks and engage in systematic risk management.

  • Under an appropriate risk management system, we will work to mitigate risks for business continuity.
  • We will work to enhance our ability to respond to crises by educating our employees continuously.

8. We place this Charter at the foundation of our daily activities and strive to abide by it.

  • Senior management will take the lead in practicing this Charter and will strive to achieve a full understanding of the Charter within Nissin Corporation and among its Group companies.
  • We will encourage the entities in our supply chain to act based on the spirit of this Charter.
  • We will forge effective the corporate governance needed to embody the spirit of this Charter.

Should any Circumstances arise that conflict with this Charter, Nissin shall work as one to identify causes and prevent any recurrence.

Charter established : December 16, 2002
1st Revision : February 15, 2006
2nd Revision : June 18, 2018
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