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Warehousing and Distributions, our most experienced field. We operate and manage 6 warehouses throughout Peninsular Malaysia which located at Head Office, KLIA, Port Klang, DOH, Penang and Melaka to facilitate customer’s requirements and needs for short and long term storage.

All our warehouses are protected by a comprehensive security system which also includes a monitored CCTV system.

Warehouse Service by Nissin International Logistics (M)

We can support the storage process of the customer's supply chain with additional valued services of our warehouse


We have several sizes and types of licensed warehoused warehouse in Penisular Malaysia. Some of them are located in FCZ (Free Commercial Zone). We can provide not only for storage service, but also we can provide the bulk breaking, repackaging for import cargoes. All re-exporting cargoes in FCZ are exempted from paying import duties, exercise duty, sales tax and service tax.

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