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Cross Border Trucking

We have been long running through transport services to / from inland points from Singapore, Malaysia and up to Thailand with good reputation in containers and conventional way.

Nissin International Logistics (M) provides daily trips of truckload seal intact cross-border transportation between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore which significantly reducing customer’s cost on handling, damage and insurance premium, as we have minimized commodities handling processes whereby merchandise will not be re-handled between origin and destination. The paramount advantage of our services is cargoes can be delivered to customer within 3 days working days, compared to using rail and sea carriers, which might take at least a week.

Nissin International Logistics (M) has a team of experienced, professional and dedicated employees, who strives to commit to the needs of our customers by providing flexible, efficient and being timeliness in fulfilling our customer’s critical supply chain operations schedules.

Cross Border Trucking Service by
Nissin International Logistics (M)

Cross Border Trucking Service by Nissin International Logistics (M)

We can provide valuable options which cannot be found in Sea & Air transport


Lead time is faster than rail and sea carriers, cost is cheaper than air carriers. We are collaborating the Cross Border Trucking Service with Siam Nistrans and giving as one of the choice to fulfil te customer’s needs.


We are providing daily schedule of the import/export cross border shipments between Thailand and Malaysia for mainly car production parts and car spare parts long time. We can adjust the delivery schedule by using a storage facility when lift in/off at the border.


We have local branches which located in the border area. We can make smooth and speedy customs clearance to assist the import/export cross border shipments.

Transport Route & Distance Map

Note: Above transport route & distance are just for a reference. Actual transport route & distance are different depend on the traffic situation.

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