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Customs Clearance

We have handled customs clearance ourselves since the company establishment on 1994. Our customs clearance services include the application for the necessary licenses/permits and duty refund, and the procedures before and after customs clearance as well. Special customs clearance such as hand-carry and unaccompanied baggage, and customs clearance of dangerous goods, machinery, food and medical products is also available. In addition to our experienced staff, we have implemented on-line connection through EDI with all the related departments and we are a certified customs broker under the Royal Malaysia Customs.

Customs Clearance Service by
Nissin International Logistics (M)

Customs Clearance Service by Nissin International Logistics (M)


We obtained its forwarding license from Royal Malaysia Customs in year 1999, which allows the company to act on behalf of the customers for importation and exportation of their goods at the customs entry and exit point.

FAQ From Customers

  • Our goods have arrived at the port but not been released yet. Why?
  • We wanted to export the products urgently but could not. Why?
  • Are there any duty benefits available to us?

We also help you deal with and solve any problems related to customs clearance.

Our unique EDI system identifies a suitable code from the list of several tens of thousands of codes to ensure accurate and timely customs clearance.

Our certified customs brokers are familiar with the different duty privileges in order to provide you with high-quality service.

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