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Domestic Trucking

We have been long running through transport services inside Malaysia.

Nissin International Logistics (M) has a team of experienced, professional and dedicated employees, who strives to commit to the needs of our customers by providing flexible, efficient and being timeliness in fulfilling our customer’s critical supply chain operations schedules.

Domestic Trucking Service by
Nissin International Logistics (M)

Domestic Trucking Service by Nissin International Logistics (M)

We can provide speedy, timely, flexible service for "First 1 mile/Last 1 mile" for your cargoes


We have several sizes and types of licensed trucks. We can choose according to the customer’s needs. Trucking distance also we can handle both short and long distance trip.


We can consolidate the cargoes for more than one customer and keep the cheaper transportation cost. We can provide the round trip service (Delivery & Collection) and milk run service if the regular schedules are matched.

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